Why MEP design consultants are essential for building projects

  • Robert Whetham are MEP design consultants based in Manchester. We work on a wide range of building projects across a variety of sectors such as education, healthcare, industrial and commercial and emergency services.


    Why MEP design consultants are essential for building projects


    What are MEP design consultants?


    Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing design consultants provide engineering expertise to create and manage the MEP systems of a building.

    Mechanical: heating, ventilation, air conditioning, heaters, smoke control etc.

    Electrical: fire alarms, security alarms, smoke alarms, power supply, telecommunications etc.

    Plumbing: water and waste management, sewers, fire suppression systems etc.

    MEP engineers work closely with architects and end clients throughout the entirety of a project, from pre-design of a building through to post-construction.

    The focus of MEP consultants is on implementing efficiencies and ensuring that building systems operate safely, and to their full potential.


    Why use MEP design consultants on building projects?


    Ongoing cost savings and efficiencies

    MEP engineers design building systems that offer optimum performance, while keeping building projects within budget. Ongoing operational costs of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, plumbing, energy consumption, maintenance and safety solutions are all minimised as part of the design.

    Customised solutions

    Problem solving is one of the main roles of an MEP design consultant. Given a challenge within a build project, MEP consultants draw on their expertise to design a customised solution that best improves efficiencies for that particular building.

    Collaboration with contractors

    MEP consultants collaborate with other contractors to provide the best solutions for each building and its inhabitants. In some cases, MEP engineers will project manage the build. The MEP consultant will ensure that all systems work together which reduces delays and unnecessary additional costs.

    Safety and security

    MEP consultants ensure that build projects are safe, secure and comply with the latest UK building regulations, without compromising on efficiencies.


    How can we help?


    For expert help and advice from time-served M&E engineers, please get in touch with the team at Robert Whetham. We are M&E consultants in Manchester, experienced and ready to assist with both local and national projects.

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