Top 10 Construction Industry Trends to Watch for in 2022

  • The construction industry in 2022 will be focused on meeting post-pandemic challenges. There will also be a need to embrace new construction industry trends and priorities.

    Robert Whetham Associates is a leading Mechanical and Electrical Building Services consultancy. We collaborate on a diverse range of construction projects throughout the UK. Here we bring you ten top construction industry trends, to see what ‘buildingindustry2022’ will look like.


    Modular Construction

    Modular construction and prefabrication will continue to feature in building trends due to the reduced material and shipping costs and construction waste associated with this form of construction. With the added bonus of a shortened construction timeline, modular building is here for the long term.


    3D Printing

    The 3D printing process constructs items layer by layer. A modern construction trend, 3D printing is typically more affordable and quicker than traditional building methods. 3D printing is particularly useful for building basic or emergency housing, or replacement parts that are needed at the construction site.



    There is no sign of the demand for sustainable construction slowing down in 2022. A focus on environmentally friendly materials, transport and building techniques have a positive impact on a construction company’s brand identity. Expectations of sustainability are high in the industry and construction firms want to be seen to be proactive in this area.


    Zero Carbon Buildings

    Zero carbon buildings are very much on the agenda for construction industry trends in 2022. Zero carbon buildings are highly energy efficient. They’re powered by on or offsite renewable energy sources, with any balance of carbon offset. The Paris Climate Agreement is a legally binding international treaty on climate change. Zero carbon buildings play a major part in the target of almost halving global emissions by 2030.



    Robotics are impacting many industries. In the building industry, they are being increasingly used to perform tasks on construction sites including painting, loading and bricklaying. It means that workers have less mundane, repetitive tasks to do. The use of robots reduces injuries and gives workers the opportunity to do more complex work.


    Redesigned Protective Equipment for Women

    Previously women on construction sites had no choice but to wear PPE designed for men. Now women have customised work gear that is much safer as it fits correctly, so is no longer loose and hazardous.


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    New construction materials

    To maximise profits and build sustainably, construction companies must reduce building material costs and source sustainable building materials. These include recycled materials, 3D printed building materials, bendable concrete (Engineered Cementitious Composite – EEC) that uses less cement and is, therefore, more sustainable, and engineered timber which is the bonding of several types of softwood that produces fewer emissions and less waste.


    A focus on finding and retaining workers

    A construction project will be delayed if there are not enough workers. As with 2021, 2022 will continue to see a skills gap in the construction industry. Companies need to innovate in how they hire and train workers. Competitive wages will certainly help, along with better benefits, improved training and development, better quality tools and the adoption of new technologies.


    Digitalisation in construction

    Digital technologies improve productivity, safety, and efficiency in the construction industry. Cloud-based construction software offers great improvement in real-time communication, workflow, collaboration, and document tracking. Smart project management tools for job scheduling and budgeting reduce expenses and inefficiencies.

    With appropriate machine learning, AI can promote safety by analysing photos of a construction site and identifying hazardous situations. AI can also detect high-risk trends in worker behaviour or be used to make better-informed decisions through improved forecasting.


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