The importance of M&E Consultants for successful building projects

Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) consultants play a critical role in ensuring the effective design, installation, and maintenance of a building’s mechanical and electrical systems.

Whether it’s the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, electrical power distribution, lighting, security, or fire protection systems, M&E consultants bring unique skills and experience to the project team. This ensures that the systems are designed, installed, and maintained to the highest standards and fit for the intended purpose.

Understanding the role of M&E consultants and their impact on the success of your project, whether you are a building owner, contractor, or project manager, is critical to achieving your desired outcomes.

Understanding the role of mechanical and electrical consultants


As M&E consultants, Robert Whetham Associates provide technical advice, design, and specification services for building services systems such as:

– Heating

– Ventilation

– Air conditioning (HVAC)

– Plumbing

– Fire protection

– Electrical power distribution

– Lighting

– Communications

We work in a variety of industries, including education, healthcare, industrial, commercial, and emergency services. And a thorough understanding of mechanical and electrical engineering concepts and the ability to apply these principles in practical contexts are required for a building project’s success.

As M&E professionals, Robert Whetham Associates, we conduct regular inspections and testing during construction. All of this is done to ensure that the mechanical and electrical components are installed correctly and safely.

Because of the increased emphasis on sustainability and meeting high energy efficiency targets, mechanical and electrical engineering consultants’ role in building projects has shifted in recent years.

With a collective goal of net zero carbon buildings by 2050 within the built sector, it is now our responsibility to ensure building projects are built and continue to operate in a way where sustainability is at the core.

This involves more energy-efficient product methods e.g. offsite construction methods, which look to reduce greenhouse gases.

M&E engineering consultants have many boxes to check regarding legislation and eco-friendly design.


The importance of proper planning and design


Load calculation, system sizing, and equipment selection are key design considerations for M&E consultants when planning and designing systems for a building. Ensuring the systems are integrated with the overall building design, that they meet the required standards and regulations, and that they are energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable.

Correct planning helps identify potential issues before construction begins, which reduces the risk of costly changes and delays during construction as well as any remedial work later down the line.

A well-designed mechanical and electrical system can optimise energy usage, reducing operating costs and promoting sustainability within a building. Proper planning and design ensure that the mechanical and electrical systems are integrated and meet the specific needs and requirements of the building and its occupants.


Robert Whetham Associates for your next commercial project


Robert Whetham Associates specialises in electrical and mechanical systems design. Our company was established in 2003, and we have two decades of experience in a variety of industries such as education, healthcare, emergency services, and railways.

The M&E design services offered by Robert Whetham Associates include:


Mechanical and electrical design

We design all the mechanical and electrical components of the building amenities. Our workable solutions are based on the client’s needs, the building’s potential, service integration, budget, and deadlines, among other things.


Condition surveys

Our thorough inspections determine the condition of the mechanical and electrical systems and the need for maintenance projects with estimated costs.

Building evaluations and appraisals from RWA are frequently requested to assist with purchasing or renting commercial buildings.


 Service checks

We perform design checks on the existing mechanical and electrical services that are installed throughout a building. We also provide updates on the status of the services so that decisions about maintenance and repair can be made.

The importance of M&E Consultants for successful building projects line drawing of building site

Mechanical and electrical projects


North West Ambulance service

NWAS commissioned us directly to carry out the full detailed design of the mechanical and electrical services, and we were instructed to collaborate with the design team led by lead consultants AEDAS.

The UPS system had to be installed in the existing building, which had limited space. Furthermore, our design incorporated resilience standards to provide the centre with resilient standby power arrangements (generators, UPS systems, etc) to reduce the possibility of the centre closing due to power failure.

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Venus 217

Robert Whetham Associates was appointed directly by the main contractor, Portal Construction, to carry out the detailed design of a warehouse and office development under the terms of an overarching design and build contract.

The client received an energy-efficient building that complied with all of the most recent Part L Building Regulations pertaining to fuel and power conservation and low energy/green technology. Photovoltaics (PV) provided “free” electricity from the sun, which was offset against the building’s electricity consumption and resulted in a CO2 reduction.

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Harter Street apartments

The client required all M&E design services, and Robert Whetham Associates were directly appointed by the client, MCR Property Group, to collaborate with the design team.

Given that this was an old Grade II listed building, ensuring that all services were properly routed into the building posed some challenges. Our designs had to be more detailed than usual to ensure that the building’s features were not compromised while remaining practical, efficient, and sympathetic to the fabric of the historic building.

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What is the role of M&E consultants in commissioning systems?

The role of M&E consultants in commissioning systems is to ensure that all systems are installed and tested to the required standards, and that they function correctly and safely. This includes a series of tests and checks to ensure that the systems are properly installed and operating at the required performance levels. M&E consultants will also train building occupants on how to use the systems properly.


How can M&E consultants ensure that the systems installed are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly?

By incorporating energy-saving technologies such as LED lighting and efficient heating and cooling systems into our designs. RWA can also implement energy-management systems to monitor and control energy consumption and collaborate with the project team to ensure the building is designed and built to have the least environmental impact possible.


What is the importance of maintenance and servicing of M&E systems in a building?

The importance of maintenance and servicing of M&E systems in a building cannot be overstated, as regular maintenance and servicing can help to ensure that the systems are operating correctly, safely, and efficiently. This can help to prevent breakdowns, extend system life, and reduce energy consumption. Regular maintenance and servicing can also assist in identifying and addressing potential issues before they become major issues, ensuring that the systems continue to function effectively over time.

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