The benefits of M&E consultancy for your Manchester project

M&E consultancy is in high demand for Manchester projects due to the financial and design efficiency benefits, as buildings strive to reduce energy costs and become more sustainable overall.

As mechanical and electrical consultants, Robert Whetham Associates can assist your Manchester business by designing mechanical and electrical systems that benefit the occupants and address any concerns with constructive solutions that meet the project’s objectives, resulting in a long-term sustainable environment.

The benefits of M&E consultancy for your Manchester project

M&E design consultants Manchester


Manchester is a vibrant city with a rich history and culture. It has also been the epicentre of an ongoing wave of development in recent years.

As an M&E design consultancy, we have played important role in the numerous redevelopment and new construction projects taking place in Manchester. Our multidisciplinary approach has allowed us to work on some incredible projects including Manchester Metropolitan University, and Harter Street Apartments in Manchester City Centre.

As mechanical and electrical consultants, we are responsible for ensuring that these systems are correctly designed and installed and meet all relevant safety and performance standards.

We collaborate with architects, contractors, and other industry professionals to plan and design a project’s building systems. We also assist with construction oversight and commissioning to ensure that the systems are properly installed and operational. We can perform the following tasks for a construction project:


HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) design

M&E consultants help ensure that the building’s HVAC system is properly sized and designed to provide comfortable indoor temperatures and good indoor air quality.


Lighting and electrical design

We design electrical systems that are safe, efficient, and meet the specific lighting needs of the building.


Plumbing and fire protection design

The design of plumbing and fire protection systems that are safe and meet code requirements.


Energy efficiency

Identifying opportunities to improve the energy efficiency of the building, such as using efficient lighting and HVAC systems.


Building code compliance

 Ensure that the building design complies with all relevant building codes and safety regulations.


Coordination and integration

Assuring optimal performance, conflict avoidance, and well-coordinated and integrated operation of all systems.


Improving Design and Innovation


Problem-solving, and improving design and innovation are some of the main roles of an M&E consultancy. Our team has provided extensive industry knowledge and hands-on project experience for two decades to a diverse range of clients in education, healthcare, industrial, commercial, and emergency services. We are also RISQS (Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme) certified, demonstrating our dedication to the railway industry and our commitment to providing high-quality service.

We pioneer innovation in the design of a building’s mechanical and electrical services using a net zero approach. A recent project involving Crewe fire station is just one of the low-carbon projects for emergency services for which we recently offered our expertise.

RWA implemented passive design strategies to lower building emission rates, lower the need for space heating, and increase annual solar gains (heat increases from absorbed solar radiation). This guarantees that fabric heat losses are kept to a minimum, that good natural daylight levels are attained, and that solar gains are utilised during the autumn and winter months. Read more about it here.


The benefits of M&E consultancy for your Manchester project

Ensuring Compliance and Safety


M&E consultancy will ensure project compliance and safety by following industry standards and codes, as well as performing calculations and simulations to ensure a safe and functional design.

Throughout the construction process, we will also conduct regular inspections and testing. All of this is done to ensure that the work is completed in accordance with the design and that safety standards are met. We also collaborate with the project’s safety manager to ensure that all safety regulations and rules are followed.

M&E consultants will ensure compliance and safety on construction projects by adhering to industry standards and codes, performing calculations and simulations to ensure the design is safe and functional, and conducting regular inspections and testing throughout the construction process.

We will also use software tools and technologies, such as building information modelling (BIM) software and computer-aided design (CAD) software, to help verify compliance and identify potential hazards. By working closely with M&E consultants, architects can ensure that their building designs are not only visually pleasing but also functional, energy efficient, and safe.


Increasing Efficiency and Cost Savings


When faced with a challenge during a construction project, M&E consultants use their expertise to create a customised plan that best improves efficiencies for that specific building. We will then collaborate with other contractors to provide the best solutions for each building and its inhabitants.

In some cases, we will also project manage the build. As an M&E consultant, we will ensure that all systems work together which reduces delays and unnecessary additional costs.



What is the distinction between mechanical design consulting and electrical design consulting?

Mechanical design consulting focuses on the design and development of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, whereas electrical design consulting focuses on the design and development of power distribution, lighting, and other electrical systems.


How do mechanical and electrical design consultants approach sustainable design?

We approach sustainable design by incorporating energy-efficient and environmentally friendly systems into the design process. This can include the use of renewable energy sources, energy-efficient lighting and HVAC systems, and water conservation measures. We also consider the overall impact of the design on the environment and work to minimise negative impact.


How do M&E design consultants deal with financial constraints?

We will approach budget constraints by balancing the technical requirements of the project with the available budget. We will collaborate with clients to identify priorities and cost-effective solutions that meet the project’s objectives while remaining within budget. We will also consider the long-term costs and benefits of various design options before making recommendations.


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