• Objective

      To carry out the high voltage design calculations and liaise with the local Utility company (Electricity North West) to ensure all their requirements were met in terms of connecting onto and protecting their electrical network.

      The chamber indoor skydiving centre uses two large inverter driven fans which can create problems on electrical networks due to harmonics. Therefore particular attention was paid to reducing the harmonic content to an acceptable level.

    • Our Solution

      As well as carrying out the HV calculations in connection with sizing the transformers and switch gear, RWA also recommended a simple ‘phase shifting’ of the transformers in order to cancel out and reduce the harmonics to an acceptable level, rather than the traditional method of installing expensive harmonic filtering equipment. RWA carried out the calculations using “Fourier analysis” and presented their solution and recommendations to the Utility company and the client.

    • Solution Benefits

      There was significant savings in electrical consumption and reduction of harmonic content on the local utility network.


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