MEP Engineers Manchester: managing key elements of city builds

MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) engineers across Manchester provide specialist services in the three major technical disciplines of building projects. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing services transform empty buildings into functional and habitable spaces.

Building projects in the ever-evolving city of Manchester should always engage the services of an MEP engineer. Because the mechanical, electrical and plumbing services of a building are intrinsically networked and co-dependent, having a specialist to oversee all three disciplines makes a building project run smoothly.

MEP engineers should be brought into the project from the design stage to ensure that the locations of services work. It can be costly to find out later in the project that MEP services need to be moved.

We are MEP engineers in Manchester


Robert Whetham Associates are MEP engineers in Manchester. We have provided MEP design and installation services on many Manchester based projects.

We ensure that all elements in a building work in tandem to provide a comfortable, safe, fully functional environment. Examples of areas that the MEP engineer is responsible for are:

-Comfort: water, heating, ventilation, waste management and air conditioning

-Safety: alarms, security response, fire exits

-Function: power supply, telecoms, lifts, escalators

As MEP engineers for Manchester projects, we use our expertise to focus on implementing efficiencies throughout the build that are cost-effective, but safe.

MEP engineers

Mechanical consulting engineers for Manchester projects


Due to our reputation within the Manchester area, at Robert Whetham Associates we are regularly commissioned as mechanical consulting engineers for Manchester projects. This involves working on elements such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, lifts, escalators, mechanical infrastructure, industrial plant and machinery.

Amongst other tasks, as mechanical consulting engineers for Manchester projects we will evaluate design sketches, compare test results against specifications, prepare drawings of parts and how to assemble them, estimate labour costs, determine plant space and recommend equipment life.

The mechanical consulting engineer oversees the development of the project, addressing and troubleshooting mechanical and planning issues while regularly meeting with the client to advise on project planning.

Expert building consultancy services


By providing expert building consultancy services, Robert Whetham Associates help building companies and end clients to mitigate risk. Far from being an added cost, expert building consultancy services are instrumental in avoiding unnecessary expenditure, and introducing cost efficiencies. Expert building consultancy services also manage liabilities, facilitate informed investment decisions and advise on safety and insurance considerations.

Developers, landlords, investors and occupants of properties all benefit from the involvement of expert building consultancy services, both in the short and long term.

How can we help?


For expert help and advice from time-served MEP engineers in Manchester, please get in touch with the team at Robert Whetham. We are expert building services consultants, ready to discuss how we can assist with both local and national projects.

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