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Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) consultants in Manchester are at the heart of the city’s regeneration, focused on making Manchester a destination place to live, work and visit. MEP consultants in Manchester play a significant part in the construction boom that comes hand in hand with regenerating such an iconic city.

Major development projects involving MEP consultants in Manchester city centre have attracted considerable investment. These include Piccadilly, First Street, NOMA, Mayfield, St John’s and Great Jackson Street.

Construction projects need MEP consultants to create safe and fully functioning buildings. On projects across Manchester, MEP consultants work closely with architects and property owners from the point of designing bespoke mechanical, electrical and plumbing services for the building through to post-construction.

Robert Whetham Associates are mechanical and electrical design consultants based in Manchester. We design mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems based on efficiencies that minimise operation costs for both new builds and refurbishment projects. On refurbishment projects, we identify energy deficiencies in mechanical, electrical and plumbing services in existing buildings and find ways to improve their overall performance.

The MEP consultancy services are an essential part of our building services consultancy.

We are building services engineering consultants in Manchester


Robert Whetham Associates is a firm of building services engineering consultants based in Manchester. We are problem solvers and innovators.

We were established in 2003 as building services engineering consultants in Manchester to work on refurbishments and new build projects across a range of sectors throughout the region:


  • Education – nurseries, schools, colleges and universities
  • Healthcare – as an approved North West Consortium of NHS Trusts consultancy, we work on hospitals and healthcare premises across almost 40 Trusts
  • Emergency services – clients include Greater Manchester Police and the North West Ambulance Service
  • Industrial and commercial – we provide mechanical and electrical building services on refurbishment and new build factory and office installations
  • Railway construction – we are RISQS (Rail Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme) approved to provide the highest quality building services engineering consultancy to the railway industry. This gives us a unique advantage over other building services engineering consultants.


Our tailored approach ensures that we listen carefully to the needs of our clients to produce bespoke solutions that enhance their property, from both a practical and a design perspective. We can either work independently, directly with the client or as part of a wider construction team. Our connection with architects and our ever-evolving network of partners means that we are given many opportunities to collaborate with other innovative contractors.

We’re proud of our membership of The Association for Consultancy and Engineering and our place on the CIBSE (Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers) Low Carbon Consultants Register.

At the core of our business is mechanical and electrical design, but as building services consulting engineers in Manchester we offer a range of other essential services.

Building services consulting engineers

Condition surveys


We can provide crucial advice to property owners and construction companies in Manchester by carrying out a condition survey. The survey produces information on the condition of the building and any maintenance requirements. We advise on the best way to proceed with the building with clear costings.


Building appraisals


For prospective Manchester property purchasers or tenants, we provide a full appraisal of services within a building. Based on our findings, we make recommendations for any improvements with a clear outline of costs. This information is crucial to whether a sale or tenancy goes ahead.


Railway construction


As RISQS approved consultants we have demonstrated a commitment to providing a high-quality building services engineering consultancy to the rail industry. A RISQS certification gives rail industry buyers confidence that we are approved, compliant and capable in providing building services specifically to their sector.


Service checks


We carry out mechanical and electrical service checks on work that has been done by other contractors on buildings across the Manchester region. The service check includes reporting on the status of essential services such as lighting, ventilation, lifts and so on. The client is presented with a comprehensive analysis and design check of installed services.


Industry-leading mechanical and electrical design services


Since its inception, Robert Whetham Associates has been focused on offering industry-leading mechanical and electrical design services.

Mechanical and electrical design services include decisions on the installation and flow of heating, power supply and distribution, telecoms and broadband, IT, access systems, ventilation and so on. Each element of the mechanical and electrical infrastructure is co-dependent so it is essential that the design of mechanical and electrical services takes into account all aspects and how they interact.

Without fully understanding what the client wants it is impossible to deliver a successful end result. From a clear understanding of a client’s vision, we are able to design mechanical and electrical services that bring a building to life. Mechanical and electrical design specifications for buildings differ considerably. What matters for one client may not be important to another. This could be down to the purpose of the building or the design-led elements that create the ambience and ‘feel’.

In the design stage of mechanical and electrical services, it is also essential that due consideration is given to scalability. The use of a building often changes so being able to scale up or down without too much additional cost and time needs to be considered within the initial design. This includes being able to close off sections of the building for a period of time, or selling or letting them to other buyers or tenants.


Case studies


In pursuing our reputation for industry-leading mechanical and electrical design services, we have been privileged to work on several key projects.

North West Ambulance Services

For the North West Ambulance Service, we provided a resilient standby power arrangement that improved an ambulance centre’s fight against closure due to power failures. Our designs also created a people-friendly centre that has flexibility for future expansion.

Venus 217

We carried out a detailed design of a warehouse and office development for the Venus 217 site on Knowsley Industrial and Business Park. We were appointed after construction had begun so we were working under particularly tight deadlines. The result was an energy-efficient building delivered on time and to a budget that benefited from low energy technology including solar panels.

British Car Auctions

British Car Auctions (BCA) commissioned Robert Whetham Associates to provide mechanical and electrical services on the construction of new buildings at their Manchester Belle Vue site. We introduced modular ‘plug and play’ lighting connections and a range of renewable and sustainable technologies including photovoltaic panels that met local authority energy targets.

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Case Studies