Mechanical design consultants

The role of the mechanical design consultant on construction projects is to design and oversee the installation of all mechanical services in a broad range of buildings. Mechanical design consultants’ designs are central to the safe and effective operation of commercial and industrial buildings.

As MEP consultants for a wide range of clients and sectors, Robert Whetham Associates are involved in projects from start to finish, beginning with sketching ideas, then designing infrastructures through to cost design, build and testing.

Mechanical design consultants are problem solvers, and each build presents its own unique challenges. Tackling those challenges with our professional service head-on through innovative, inspired solutions is at the core of the mechanical design consultant’s work.

Mechanical design services


Mechanical design services, for both new-build and renovation projects, ensure that all mechanical facilities and services in a commercial building function effectively and efficiently.

These building services include water, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning services), gas and electricity supply, escalators and lifts.

Sustainability is a key factor in all Robert Whetham Associates mechanical designs. Taking into account the impact on the environment of the build itself through structural analysis and its daily operation once complete, our sustainable designs produce energy efficient buildings backed by industry-recognised energy certifications.

Mechanical and electrical design consultants


Mechanical and electrical services in a building work hand in hand. One is redundant without the other. As mechanical and electrical design consultants Robert Whetham Associates also design the electrical services in a building including lighting, power supply, data and comms, security systems, voltage optimisation, broadband and telephone.

Energy-saving technology is incorporated into electrical services design wherever possible. LED lighting reduces carbon emissions and energy costs, while solar PV (photovoltaics) panels produce green energy on-site and minimise pollution.

Mechanical design consultants

Mechanical and electrical design consultants


We have extensive experience here at Robert Whetham Associates and some of our projects include:


Coventry fire station


We were asked to provide mechanical design services for the new fire station and also a temporary fire station while the new site was being built. We used our previous experience on many other fire authority projects to integrate renewable technologies into our designs including photovoltaics, natural ventilation and LED lighting. See here for more information on this project.


Royton Leisure Centre


The client requested our mechanical and electrical design expertise for lighting, heating, ventilation, HVAC, power, fire alarms and security systems. We installed a combined heating and power system as part of the hot water supply which has significantly reduced the utility costs of the building. Underfloor heating and swimming pool ventilation are welcome features in the resulting high-spec leisure centre. See here for more information on this project.


70 Oxford Road, Manchester


Robert Whetham Associates provided mechanical design services for the HVAC systems at a new teaching space for Manchester Metropolitan University. Wherever possible, we recommissioned elements of the existing HVAC systems, thoroughly testing them to confirm the correct duties and flow rates. We did, however, need to completely replace a substantial part of the system, ensuring that all services complemented the existing set-up of the building. See here for more information on this project.

Mechanical Design Consultants for your next project


Mechanical design services cover many aspects of a structure that enable the building to function, from small mechanical parts to large machinery. It can include the design and implementation of systems for heating, ventilation, hot and cold water, drainage, alarms and security, control systems, telecoms, technology, and mechanical maintenance.

As mechanical and electrical design engineers, Robert Whetham Associates provide a wide range of mechanical and electrical consultancy services to ensure that all elements of a building’s services are fully co-ordinated.


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If you have a project in mind and would like to take advantage of our broad range of services for your business, please contact the Robert Whetham team. We are experienced M&E consultants in Manchester, ready to help with both local and national projects.

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