Mechanical and electrical engineering consultants

Mechanical and electrical engineering consultants are tasked with providing mechanical and electrical system designs for a range of buildings and outdoor spaces. The aim of the mechanical and electrical engineering designs is to ensure that a building runs efficiently while meeting all the needs of its occupants.

Mechanical and Electrical Design Services


Mechanical and electrical design services are required on projects of all sizes. From small works to major projects that involve many different subcontractors, the importance of the role of the mechanical and electrical engineer remains the same.

In recent years, the role of mechanical and electrical engineering consultants has changed focus due to the targets for energy efficient buildings. With a collective goal within the built sector of net zero carbon buildings by 2050, M&E engineering consultants have many boxes to tick when it comes to legislation and eco-friendly design.

Another change within construction that has affected the role of mechanical and electrical engineering consultants is the post-pandemic catch-up. Property developers and architects understand the benefit of having M&E engineering consultants on site to complete build projects quickly, without compromising on quality or safety. Their expertise and accuracy provide solutions that can be achieved within tight schedules, as well as anticipating problems before they happen, thereby avoiding costly changes and unnecessary delays.

M&E consultants Manchester

We are M&E consultants based in Manchester


Robert Whetham Associates are experts in mechanical and electrical design. Established in 2003, our near two decades of experience has been gained in many sectors including education, healthcare, emergency services and railways.

Our mechanical and electrical designs can vary from the basic design of services within a building that make it function efficiently, to complex design challenges that require the full depth of our expertise and problem solving skills.

Elements of the running of a building that are included within the mechanical and electrical design services are power supply, drainage, hot and cold water supply, alarms and security, ventilation, connectivity, tech, data comms, access control and panels, lighting, heating and maintenance. These run and interconnect through the entirety of a building, so clear, precise design, layout and location of all services is essential for the success of the project.


Manchester M&E projects


British Car Auctions

Robert Whetham Associates were asked to provide M&E design services on the new Manchester Belle Vue site of British Car Auctions that included new car auction facilities, trading halls, valeting areas, restaurants, admin blocks and car parking.

There was a clear schedule and budget to adhere to so to speed up the process, we reviewed different wiring systems and designed modular plug and play lighting and control functionality in some areas. The project was completed on time and within budget.

Harter St Apartments

Harter St Apartments are housed in a Grade II listed building so we needed to ensure that all services were routed throughout the building without causing any damage. This meant that our designs needed to be more intricate than usual. The end result was an energy efficient building that benefited from low energy use and met all the latest Part L building regulations relating to fuel and power conservation.



How does the rating system for EPC assessments work?

MEP experts can uphold environmental requirements by conducting energy evaluations with the goal of providing an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). The assessment tells you how energy-efficient the structure is on a scale of A to G. Structures with an energy rating of A are the most energy-efficient. It is illegal to lease a commercial property with an EPC rating of F or G.

All commercial buildings must have an EPC evaluation if they are going to be sold, leased, or have construction work done on them. In addition to a rating, the MEP’s energy assessment will include recommendations for improvements such as updating insulation or switching to more environmentally friendly equipment.


How do you ensure that your designs are energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable?

Given the challenges of environmental issues during and after construction, we recognise how critical it is that the project be as sustainable as possible. The cost of energy is also a consideration.┬áMEP systems have a significant impact on a building’s energy use and carbon footprint.

We design energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable systems by incorporating strategies such as efficient equipment, renewable energy sources, building automation systems, and environmentally friendly materials. In addition, we use energy modelling software to optimise system performance and ensure that our designs meet the highest efficiency and sustainability standards.


What are some strategies that MEP design consultants use to ensure seamless integration of building systems during the design process?

Early collaboration is critical. We can gain a thorough understanding of the overall project goals and the needs of other systems by collaborating closely with architects, structural engineers, and other design professionals from the start.

This enables us to design MEP systems that are in sync with other building systems, reducing conflicts and ensuring a smooth integration. BIM software can also be used to identify conflicts and coordination issues early in the design process, allowing MEP consultants to make changes before construction begins.



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