M&E design consultants London

Although based in Manchester, we are M&E design consultants for London building projects. We have had the opportunity to work on a variety of exciting commercial and residential construction projects across the capital.


Robert Whetham Associates plays a vital role in the process since we design everything a building needs to function effectively, such as power, lighting, heating, hot and cold-water services, ventilation, digital communications, access control, and other systems.


As M&E consultants in London, our primary goals are to design mechanical and electrical systems that help the occupants and to address any concerns with constructive solutions that meet the project’s objectives while also making it a sustainable environment for the future.

M&E design consultants London

We are M&E consultants for London projects


We see our most significant roles as designing electrical systems that benefit the occupants, and problem-solving any electrical challenges to provide solutions that achieve the goals of the project. M&E design consultants in London have seen major changes in the way the construction industry deals with projects now


The construction sector consumes over one-third of total global energy usage, yet technology advances have enabled many London developments to utilise sustainable practises.


As M&E consultants London, we design and supply building services for new zero-carbon buildings and can help existing buildings reduce their carbon footprint.


What is mechanical and electrical design and why would I need a building services engineer for my construction project?


This is a question we get asked frequently as M&E consultants.


M&E refers to both the installation procedure and the criteria for certification, servicing, and maintenance.


As mechanical and electrical engineers we provide building services systems that are installed in buildings to make them more comfortable, functional, efficient, and safe. As mechanical and electrical consultants, we are responsible for the following:


Mechanical systems include heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), but they can also include anything that involves refrigeration. It also involves energy supply, distribution, escalators, lifts, and the infrastructure.


Electrical systems involve security systems, everything to do with fire safety, lighting system, building automation, electrical equipment, communication and IT networks and low voltage systems.


However, it can also include building-integrated aspects like passive cooling, carbon emission calculations and reduction, as well as aesthetic, environmental, and structural challenges.


It is critical to have a professional, such as an M&E engineer, install your mechanical and electrical systems, as something as significant as this should only be handled by an expert.


As M&E consultants, we have all the necessary training to work on such complex matters.


It is also essential to obtain proper maintenance on these systems, which should only be performed by a skilled engineer.


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We create mechanical and electrical components for all building amenities. Our realistic solutions are based on the client’s requirements, the building’s potential, service cohesiveness, budget and timeframes, and other criteria.


For more information about Robert Whetham Associates’ mechanical and electrical services London, get in touch using our online form or by calling 0161 624 5544.

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