M&E design consultancy Manchester

The majority of build projects in Manchester require the services of an M&E (mechanical and electrical) design consultancy. General contractors have become less able to manage the ever-increasing complex legislation, energy and sustainability remits and intricate cost management. The role of the M&E design consultancy that specialises in these areas, is now central to the built environment.

Manchester is seeing more and more build projects being approved. When it comes to delivering each build project on time, on budget and with sustainability at its core, the innovation of M&E design plays a significant role.

M&E designs affect all areas of a build. It is essential that a M&E design consultancy is brought in from the very beginning of a project. Making M&E design changes later in the process can be costly and delay the completion of the project.

Robert Whetham Associates are M&E design consultants based in Manchester. Our core sectors are education, healthcare, industrial, commercial and the emergency services, although we also work across many other industries. This diverse playing field covers a multitude of requirements and specifications! We use our experience to solve problems and come up with innovative M&E designs.

Mechanical design services


Mechanical design services cover many aspects of a build that enable the building to function, from small mechanical components to large machinery. Amongst other elements, mechanical design consultants are responsible for the design and installation of heating and ventilation, hot and cold water services, drainage, alarms and security, control systems, telecoms, tech and mechanical maintenance.

Energy efficiency is a major remit for the mechanical design of a building. Energy strategies, EPCs (Energy Performance Certificates), SAP calculations (Standard Assessment Procedure) and planning statements are all required to verify the environmental status of a building. The mechanical design consultant will work towards these requirements in their designs.

Mechanical design requires a thorough knowledge of building regulations which can change regularly. By having a mechanical design consultant involved in a build from the very early stages, the project will run smoothly.

M&E design consultancy Manchester

Electrical design services


Electrical design services range from the installation of secure high voltage and low voltage networks, structured cabling and data networks, to the location of electrical sockets in each room. Power supply is a primary focus in a building’s electrical design, as is lighting, control panels, grid connection and distribution, surge protection and load list preparation.

Data comms and other tech requirements are now key elements of the electrical design of a building, as are responsive alarms and security systems. Particularly in light of the move towards remote working, connectivity and telecoms are central to a successful business and so need to be included in any initial electrical designs.

Electrical design should be agreed before a project starts to ensure there is no need for costly re-cabling or reconfiguring of integrated electrical systems.


We are M&E consultants in Manchester


Robert Whetham Associates are M&E consultants in Manchester. To learn more about our M&E design consultancy services and how we can assist with your project, please get in touch with the team at Robert Whetham Associates.

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