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M&E consultants in Manchester are playing their part in the relentless development of the city. According to the Manchester Evening News, more than 12,000 properties have been under construction in Manchester every year since 2018.

Areas such as Salford have seen particular growth in residential developments. Throughout the Manchester city region, councils have also started building houses themselves. In all, around 85,000 people in the Greater Manchester area work in construction.

At Robert Whetham Associates we know all too well how the city has changed over the last two decades. Thanks to major redevelopment programs, Manchester is a very different place from how it was when Robert Whetham Associates began in 2003. This is a busy time for M&E consultants in Manchester.

Robert Whetham Associates provide mechanical and electrical consultancy services to businesses across Manchester. Here is a summary of what those services include:


Mechanical Consultancy Design Services


Mechanical consultancy design services include key elements of a building’s infrastructure, plant and machinery, tools and components and heating and ventilation. These are all elements that make a building healthy, safe and comfortable for its users.

Each building has a different use and purpose. These will be taken into consideration when designing the mechanical services that help the building to operate efficiently. Innovative mechanical design can transform the benefits of a building to its occupants.

In providing mechanical consultancy design services, we continually implement checks that ensure that the development of the design meets the brief and that no insurmountable problems have been identified along the way.

M&E consultants Manchester

Electrical Consultancy Design Services


Electrical consultancy design services cover all aspects of electrical design in a building, such as electrical performance specifications, mains and sub-mains power distribution, internal and external lighting systems, data and communications services, cable containment services, high voltage and low voltage power supplies and renewable technology power requirements.

The required electrical services differ from building to building. At Robert Whetham Associates our aim is to implement electrical services that reduce energy consumption and are cost-efficient. They must integrate seamlessly with other services in the building, so a cohesive integration with mechanical services design is key.

It is essential that electrical consultancy design services are commissioned at the very beginning of the entire project design. It can be difficult and costly to design and install electrical services after construction has started.


MEP Consultancy Services


Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) services are at the core of any new build or refurbishment. In addition to the mechanical and electrical services, MEP consultancy services also incorporate plumbing. Water supply and distribution are essential for any building to function efficiently.

MEP consultancy services involve the creation of 3D and simulation models of a development that test the potential energy and environmental performance of the building. These models avoid the need for changes later in the construction process because any issues are highlighted before work begins.

Robert Whetham Associates offer a full MEP consultancy service to ensure that all elements of a building’s services are fully co-ordinated.


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