M&E consultants for London construction projects

M&E consultants in London are in high demand because of the ongoing construction projects taking place across the city.


As M&E experts we not only assist with project planning for mechanical and electrical solutions, but also allow planning to flow more smoothly, freeing up your valuable time while also lowering long-term project costs.


London developments must be completed in a timely manner to cope with increasing demand, and clients expect great quality with a speedy turnaround on the build.


Of course, the criteria set by UK building regulations mean that there is a lot to contend with and manage. As M&E consultants in London, we understand the need of delivering cost-effective, sustainable, and time-efficient building solutions.

We are M&E consultants for London construction projects


The construction sector in London is experiencing its highest growth in five years, owing to the city’s high demand for homes and offices. Also, there are ongoing efforts to build net-carbon buildings to meet the government’s goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050.


According to Office for National Statistics


Monthly construction output increased by 1.1% in volume terms in January 2022 and is now at its highest level since September 2019.”


Robert Whetham Associates has provided mechanical and electrical engineering services for several important London projects. (Let’s ask Rob to see if he’s worked on any London projects).


As M&E consultants we are experts in energy efficiency and sustainability planning. We can help current buildings reduce carbon emissions by designing and providing building services for future zero-carbon structures.


Mechanical and electrical design services


At Robert Whetham Associates, we specialise in mechanical and electrical design. Assisting in the development of practical solutions that meet the needs of the project at hand in order to get the best results.


As an M&E consultant, we normally participate in all parts of the construction process. Collaborating with the architect, structural engineers, quantity surveyor, and the client.

This includes, but is not limited to:

– Heating and ventilation

– Air conditioning

– Energy supply

– Telecoms

– Control systems

– Drainage

– Fire safety and security

– Communication and IT networks


Our personalised approach means that we base our recommendations on the wants and demands of the unique project to improve the building’s function as well as design.

M&E consultants for London construction projects



As M&E consultants, we are regularly asked,


What are the UK construction regulations and do I require approval before hand?


Building regulations are the fundamental standards for the design, building, and modification of nearly any structure. The regulations are created by the UK government and then approved by Parliament.


Whoever is doing the work is responsible for ensuring that it complies with building regulations. The obligation, however, will ultimately fall on the building owner.


If you have not yet obtained building regulatory approval, you can begin work; however, anything that does not meet with the criteria must be adjusted to comply, which can be expensive.


The government building and regulations page is there for any further advice on this.



What is the difference between building management systems (BMS) and Building energy management systems?


Building management systems help facility managers obtain a better understanding of how their buildings work and allow them to control and adjust systems to improve performance of the building.


Whereas Building Energy Management Systems concentrate on energy-related systems such as HVAC, lighting, and power.


BMS are common in large commercial areas, but as equipment has gotten easier to handle and monitoring and detection have become less expensive, it is being used in a growing number of smaller residential spaces.


How can we help?


For expert help and advice from M&E specialists who work directly within the London construction market, please get in touch with the team at Robert Whetham Associates.

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