Robert Whetham Associates has recently been working on some exciting projects across the UK.

Mechanical and electrical services designs are currently very much in demand in commercial, residential and infrastructure spaces, as businesses and the construction sector as a whole are aligning with the UK Government’s Net Zero Carbon strategy.

Upgrade of UPS systems at Parkway 3, Northwest Ambulance Service

The Northwest Ambulance Service approached RWA to upgrade their uninterruptable power supplies (UPS), at their Parkway 3 and Broughton sites.

The purpose of the UPS is to provide a continuous power supply for each Emergency Operations Centre (EOC). Due to the critical nature of the centres where staff deal with emergency calls from the public, losing power within the centres cannot happen.

The team here at RWA have designed UPS systems in the past for each of the sites at Parkway 3 and Broughton, to provide reliable backup power to critical operations and communications equipment. However, this was over 10 years ago, and the UPS systems are now approaching their ‘sell by date’ and require upgrade to ensure that they are reliable.

We firstly assessed and audited the power needs of the centres, and from that determined the appropriate UPS configuration to ensure uninterrupted operation during power outages. Not only that, but the UPS systems protect sensitive equipment from power surges and fluctuations.

Our UPS systems designs have given the Northwest Ambulance Service peace of mind knowing their critical systems are protected against power issues. The scheme is currently being tendered and is due for installation / implementation shortly.

Mechanical and electrical upgrades as part of office refurbishment at Stena Building, Avanti West Coast

RWA were approached by Strzala Architects who are employed by Avanti West Coast to help them upgrade their mechanical and electrical systems, as part of a wider office refurbishment scheme at their Holyhead site.

It is proposed that the majority of the ground floor of the Stena Building at the site is completely gutted as it undergoes a refurbishment programme.

The project is in the early stages of development (GRIP 3 / RIBA Stage 2), and our team here at RWA have created concept designs for mechanical and electrical systems, including lighting, data systems, IT systems, power supply, heating, heat recovery ventilation, and air conditioning.

As the project is for Avanti West Coast, a leading rail operator in the UK, it follows the Governance for Railway Investment Projects process (GRIP) developed by National Rail. It follows a similar stage process like the RIBA stages in a construction project, to help manage and control projects across the rail network.

The designs we submitted were for GRIP Stage 3 (equivalent to RIBA stage 2), where the initial output and feasibility studies have been conducted, and the designs now enable the specific services and products to be reviewed before the next stage and going out to tender.

As part of our designs, we conducted a detailed audit to understand the building’s requirements, considering factors such as climate, space usage, and occupancy levels. From the audits, it helped us to develop energy-efficient and cost-effective HVAC designs that ensure comfortable indoor environments. It also helped us to integrate sustainable technologies and practices, such as LED lighting, air conditioning/heat pump and heat recovery systems.

Mechanical and Electrical systems at Edinburgh Train Station

M&E systems for new travel centre, Edinburgh Train Station

Our team at RWA have recently designed mechanical and electrical systems for a new travel centre at Edinburgh Train Station.

These designs included heating and ventilation systems, air conditioning, sustainable lighting schemes, and data systems.

For the lighting schemes, we designed upgraded lighting systems to minimise energy use and maximise natural light throughout the interior space. LED lighting was integrated due to its increased energy efficiency over more traditional lighting sources e.g. intumescent bulbs. It also integrated smart controls and sensors to give more control for the building’s owners.

As of February 2024, designs have been submitted for approval and we are awaiting clients feeback.

Proud to be working with GLP Engineers

In 2023 RWA was pleased to announce our partnership with GLP Consulting Engineers, renowned M&E consultants based local to us in Oldham, Manchester. As 2024 is well underway, the collaboration is growing from strength to strength.

RWA and GLP now offer a collaborative approach on projects where we can combine our experience to offer a wider support for clients in their mechanical and electrical project requirements.

As part of the collaboration, the companies are moving into a single premises. This signifies a greater intention and more effective partnership where all team members can work together in the same environment. This move will be fully operative from the end of April.

Ultimately, it is the drive to enhance the client experience that is behind the working partnership. The combination of a professional partnership, an abundance of expertise across different sectors and a focus on sustainability will prove beneficial to any client requiring mechanical and electrical services design, or advice.

More information

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